Acrobatics ("Acro")

Acrobatics (“Acro”) is the artistic use of flexibility and tumbling components often to music. The classes focus on strength, body control, conditioning and flexibility.


The foundation for all dance, our ballet classes focus on the classical techniques and use of terminology. PowerWorx Dance ballet classes will include barre, center floor work, flexibility and across the floor combinations.


A genre of dance with technical similarities to classical ballet, modern and jazz styles. Contemporary dance uses strength and control of legwork from ballet combined with the torso use of modern technique. The focus of contemporary dance is developing improvisation through movement based on interpretive visions from the abstract or narrative of music.

Hip Hop

A combination of street dancing, breakdancing and freesytle dance. Our high-energy classes will work on isolations and footwork and are designed to increase strength, style, body control and coordination.


A high energy technical training through isolation and rhythm. Jazz classes incorporate various styles of jazz from Broadway/classical, street jazz, contemporary jazz and precision jazz.

Leaps & Turns

A specialized class that focuses on the technique needed for perfecting leaps and turns in ballet and jazz dance styles.


The part of classical ballet technique in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. Teacher placement for pointe classes is required and the program is designed for dancers with strong ballet training and dedication.


High energy dance precision jazz technique that incorporates formations and precise arm movements with the use of Poms.


A technique class to work on lengthening and strengthening the muscles to increase a dancer’s flexibility.


A form of dance where rhythm, style and clear sounds are created by the feet through proper traditional tap technique.